Berlin, June 2023

And The Winner is: Movacar🏆

Movacar has won the first edition of the „Berlin Call for Startups“

Mobility start-up Movacar has won the long-awaited „Berlin Call for Startups“ competition. The innovative approach of establishing crowdsourcing in vehicle logistics and creating a win-win-win situation was convincing in the audience vote.

„We are thrilled that we were able to inspire so many participants with our exciting presentation for Movacar,“ said co-founder Karl Markiewicz at the award ceremony in Berlin. „The award also validates our business model,“ Markiewicz continued, „because we reduce costs for car rental companies and fleet operators by arranging transfers to private travellers as €1 rental cars. In this way, we can operate transfer journeys much more effectively and create a unique opportunity for price-conscious drivers to travel from A to B practically for free.“

The award ceremony took place on 29 June at the Drivery Berlin and was the highlight of the first „Berlin Call for Startups„, an exciting competition that showcases the potential of the German capital’s thriving mobility startup scene.

The supporting event – the Autonomy Berlin Mobility Summit – was themed „Building a New Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem“.
For two days, experts from business, politics and society discussed how new technologies such as autonomous driving, shared mobility and data and software solutions can contribute to making mobility more efficient. It is becoming increasingly obvious in many areas how urgently new mobility solutions are needed. One example: in Europe alone, there is a shortage of hundreds of thousands of professional drivers since the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. This driver shortage and rising wages are now existential for logistics companies and fleet operators. Movacar will help to close this gap by crowdsourcing private drivers and thus help the entire industry to reduce costs and make vehicle logistics more sustainable.

Karl Markiewicz

Movacar Co-Founder Karl Markiewicz

Before founding Movacar, Karl Markiewicz worked in management positions at international car rental companies, e.g. as Accounting Manager, Internal Audit Senior and most recently as Financial Controller. During his 17 years at Enterprise, he successfully contributed to the development of several business units and gained valuable experience with the start-up mentality within an international group.

With Movacar, he and co-founder Eustach von Wulffen are realising their vision of a smart and highly innovative solution for the vehicle logistics industry.