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Rising fleet rebalancing costs are increasingly becoming a challenge for car rental companies and fleet operators. Movacar helps drastically reduce vehicle transfer costs by leveraging the power of crowdsourcing.

Faster, more efficient, cheaper - Movacar offers an all-inclusive worry-free package for vehicle transfers


Movacar activates a driver pool of many thousands of private travellers by marketing vehicle transfers as one-way rentals for only 1€. Car rental companies save up to 50% on transfer costs.


The Movacar B2B Portal guarantees fast and efficient order processing. Especially effective: With just a few clicks, you can also order multiple transfers in one order from/to different locations.


In addition to private travellers from the crowd, we also have a professional logistics network that can be dispatched via our B2B portal to ensure reliable and efficient management of vehicle movements for all fleet types.

Selected Fleet Partners

"In the first summer season 2022, we have already been able to effectively manage hundreds of transfer rides with Movacar, attract new customers to Vanlife and save time, resources and money through efficient operations."

Dr. Susanne Dickhardt Founder & CEO of roadsurfer
Dr. Susanne Dickhardt

Three order options - adapted to your needs


Pure referral of rental customers by marketing as 1€ one-way rental (for rental companies)


Rental customer referral, if necessary, with subsequent commissioning of a transport service (for rental companies)


Direct commissioning of a pro transfer service without marketing as 1€ one-way rental (for all fleets)

Why Movacar

The founders of Movacar and the operating company Target Mobility GmbH are the two experienced managers Eustach von Wulffen and Karl Markiewicz. They combine over 40 years of experience in the car rental industry. In 2018, they launched Movacar. Since then, they have been realising their vision of making fleet management more cost-effective through crowd-sourcing and smart digital tools, whilst at the same time establishing a new market segment for value-conscious car rental fans.

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Movacar Founders: Eustach von Wulffen and Karl Markiewicz

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